Irving, Texas, City Flag

Feb 23rd, 2018


Irving is an inner suburb of Dallas in north Texas. It was founded by Otis Brown and J.O. Schulze in 1903. The city was incorporated in 1914 and Brown became its first mayor.


The city of Irving adopted an official flag in October 1975. A new civic center was being built and was scheduled to open in 1976. The city felt that a new logo was needed to represent the city and the new center. Jim Scoggins of Grogan-Scoggins Associates, an architectural firm that designed the new city hall, designed the new logo and it was officially adopted in 1975. Although a city flag was not addressed in the ordinance, it does say that the logo was approved for “all City of Irving purposes”. A city council meeting mentioned a city flag as one of the uses for the logo.


The meanings assigned to the logo include the following:


*     Colors: Echo the state of Texas flag

*     Large Dot: Civic Center Complex

*     Wavy Lines Below Dot: Hwy 356 (Irving Blvd) that runs in front of city hall


Irving is one of the few cities in Texas that did not include a star on its flag. The star is symbolic of Texas status as the “Lone Star State”.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Irving’s flag ranked 17th out of 150 flags. Read the top five Vexillologist rules of simple flag design.


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