Maui County, Hawaii, Flag

Mar 4th, 2018


Maui County encompasses four islands in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are a part of the Hawaiian Islands in Hawaii.


Maui County adopted an official flag in 1990. In 1987, a county flag design contest was held under the direction of Mayor Hannibal Tavares. The winning design out of 70 entries was Joann Hale and daughter Janel. The ad hoc committee that chose the design was concerned that the cultural symbols included in the design would be misinterpreted. As a result, the county council consulted with experts in Hawaiian. Two of the culturally sensitive images were removed because the experts felt that they could be offensive to some – the kapu sticks and the cloak of Hawaiian royalty. A local designer helped redesign the flag and made some color changes.


The meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Plant – Silversword: Symbolizes strength, spirit, and courage of the residents

*     Ti Leaves: A sacred symbol, symbolizes the bestowal of blessings on the land

*     Wreath: Binds the four islands together


The four islands of the county appear in relative scale and were assigned different colors. The relevance of the colors is not known.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Maui’s flag ranked 138th out of 150 flags. Read the top five Vexillologist rules of simple flag design.


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