Yonkers, New York, City Flag

Dec 23rd, 2017


Yonkers is an inner suburb of New York City in the southeast region of the state of New York. The city was founded in 1646, incorporated as a village in 1854, and as a city in 1872.


The date that the city of Yonkers adopted an official flag is not known, but it is known that it was in use as far back as 1956. The flag has a white field and features the corporate city seal of Yonkers in the center. The seal is a standard circular shape used for metal seals that include an image of George Washington and an American flag folded underneath that image. City flags that are used indoors have a blue fringe around the fly.


The designer of the flag is not known, nor is it known why George Washington’s image was used on the city seal. It has been speculated that his image was chosen because he was in the Yonkers area often during the Revolutionary War.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Wilmington’s flag ranked 42nd out of 150 flags. Almost all flags that contain a solid field and a city seal or coat of arms ranked quite low in the survey. In addition, the flag does not follow the Vexillologist the rules of simple flag design.


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