800 LUX LED Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

800 LUX LED Commercial Solar Flagpole Light
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  • High Capacity 3.7 Volt mAH Ni-CD Battery (INCLUDED)
  • Illumination: 800 LUX Output
  • Lights: LED Bulbs Rated To Last 20 Years
  • Runtime:  Up To 12 Hours Of Illumination
  • Mount: Any Flagpole Up To 6” In Diameter 
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye
  • Complete Installation Instructions



This high end COMMERCIAL SOLAR LED SPOT light system has a powerful 6 volt 15 watt solar panel, making this an excellent lighting solution to adequately illuminate your flag.   It has a fully adjustable lighting head and adjustable powerful 6 volt solar panel.  This lighting solution will fit any size flagpole up to 6” in diameter.  This lighting solution can be mounted to any flat surface by simply removing the pole clamping  assembly. 



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Do you fly your flag at night?  Do you know that Flag etiquette requires you to keep your flag illuminated if you fly it at night? Have you always made an "exception to the rule" due to the high cost of running power to your flagpole for lights? Are you tired of wasting your money on box store junk? FINALLY! Solar flagpole lighting that is bright enough and last long enough to illuminate our US flags.


Enjoying the splendor and majesty of a flag does not have to be limited to daytime hours thanks to these solar flagpole lighting kits providing the light to showcase prized flags at night. Available in a variety of sizes and LUX levels, these positively reviewed solar flagpole lights feature spotlights so that only the flag is illuminated, rather than the entire yard. The tempered glass lens and weatherproof seal on these solar flagpole lights provide the quality and rugged durability discerning customers demand and deserve. 


 The trick to choosing the right light for your flagpole is to first find a light fixture that not only is rated for outdoor use but that has a leak free seal that prevents water from penetrating the glass lens and entering the housing even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture. Most outdoor lighting is protected from the major weather conditions by bushes, walls and overhangs while flagpole lighting points directly upward in the middle of the yard. Another important quality to consider is the ability to spot the total wattage of the light output to the flag.  Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20'-40' in the sky.  Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique lighting product line that addreses these issues to make sure you dont make a mistake putting the wrong lighting at the base of your flagpole.  We are lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships including poles up to 150'.


  • UL Listed for outdoor use
  • "SPOT" beam designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard
  • Heavy duty weather proof seal
  • Tempered glass lens


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