30' x 3.50" Deluxe Heavy Duty Aluminum Telescoping Flagpole(NOT AVAILABLE TO ORDER UNTIL JUNE 2022)

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Buttress Diameter: 
10 ga.
Size / Style: 
5 Section Pole
15 Year Including Weather

 Kit Includes:

  • 3" Aluminum ball;
  • A custom extra thick aluminum ground sleeve
  • Revolutionary ball bearing swivel ring system that includes:
    • A solid 1/2" threaded aluminum topper, stainless steel ball bearing swivel ring, 2 high quality beaded retainer rings
  • 4 rust proof, stainless steel clips;
  • Simple and easy to follow installation instructions;
  • 15 Year W A R R A N T Y (Including Weather)- Best in the industry


Our new telescoping flagpole is the only telescoping flagpole offering a 15 year warranty (including weather damage). Its 21st century design is constructed of 11 gauge 6013-T4 aluminum, making it 50% thicker and stronger than the commonly used 16 gauge 6063-T6 material. All of the crucial parts for this flagpole are made from either stainless steel and/or aluminum, plus NEW thermoplastic materials for a long lasting performance. There are no small springs that can rust, break, or pop out. Its aluminum ground sleeve has locking capabilities to prevent theft. In cold weather this flagpole will not freeze and will remain completely functional due to the special locking system unlike some spring loaded and twist locking flagpoles. Its dual locking design prevents accidental section collapsing.