Athens County, Ohio, Flag

Apr 1st, 2018


Athens County is located in southeast Ohio in the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau region. The county was formed in 1805 from a portion of Washington County. Athens County is named after a city of the same name in Greece. It is said that the name was chosen because the Ohio University opened in 1804 in the area and Athens, Greece, was an ancient learning and democratic center. The county seat is located in Athens, Ohio.


The county’s flag has a green field and features the county seal in the center. The images located on the left side of the seal include a mill, train engine, and a bicycle. Those on the right of the seal include a coal car, cap, and gown, and wheat. All images except the cap and gown are said to represent the industries of the county. The cap and gown may be related to the Ohio University and education.


The Ohio Statehouse, a National Historic Landmark that was used by legislators in the mid-1800s, features a photo and a small paragraph about the flag on its website. Athens County and the other 87 counties flags were presented at the statewide county flag dedication ceremonies held at the Ohio Statehouse in 2005.


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