Austria National Flag

Nov 24th, 2018


Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is located in Central Europe and consists of 32,386 square miles. The city of Vienna serves as the country’s capital. Austria’s government is based on democracy.


The official Austria flag was adopted as a naval ensign sometime during the 18thcentury and subsequently adopted as the national flag in 1918. The flag is a triband with colored red, white, red. According to legend, the flag was designed by Duke Leopold V, of the Babenberg dynasty. It is said that after the Battle of the Acre during the Crusade for the Holy Land in 1191. He lost is standard during the battle and hung his blood strained shirt as a substitute. After he removed his belt, his blood red shirt had a perfect white stripe in the center.



 When the flag is displayed by the government, Austrian Coat of Arms, an imperial black eagle, is added to the center of the flag. The eagle has been in used for hundreds of years on Austrian flags.


The meanings assigned to the eagle image include the following:


*     Broken Chain: Freedom

*     Crown: Middle Class

*     Hammer: Workers

*     Sickle: Peasants


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