Auto Racing Driver Communication Flags

Mar 4th, 2017

Racing flags are used to communicate with race drivers. In our prior blog post, we covered the meaning of flags used by starters and Marshalls. In this blog post, we will cover the flags used specifically to communicate with one driver at a time.



The solid black flag is used to order a driver to the pit area. The reason could be any number of issues, including penalty against the driver, car is leaking fluid, any part of the car body has become loose and could become a danger to other drivers, or the driver’s radio is not working. The flag is accompanied by a number board that indicates which car has been black-flagged.



The black flag containing a white cross is used to indicate that a car is not being scored because he intentionally ignored the black flag. The driver could receive penalties including disqualification from the race, fines, probation and suspension.



The per-bend black and white flag is divided diagonally with white one side and black on the other. It is used to indicate that a driver has received a penalty for bad conduct. For example, a driver intentionally tries to force another driver off the course.




The blue flag lets a driver know that a car that is going faster is approaching and the driver should move over to allow it to pass.


The above flags usages are in general and may have added meaning in certain races. Each racing circuit has its own flag definitions.


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