Brooklyn, New York, Flag History

Oct 27th, 2018


Brooklyn is a borough of New York City and consists of 71 square miles of land and 26 square miles of water. It was settled in 1634 and was consolidated with New York City in 1898. Brooklyn was named after Breukelen, a Dutch Village. The name is a Dutch word for marshland.


The actual date that Brooklyn adopted a flag is not known, but the flag has been displayed since the 1860s. The flag consists of a white field and features the borough’s official seal in the center. No information is available about who designed the flag or how it was chosen.


The meanings assigned to the seal design include the following:


*     Blue and Gold: Brooklyn’s recognized colors

*     Goddess of Justice: Justice within the judicial system

*     “Een Draght Maekt Maght”: Unity Makes Strength

*     Fasces (held by the Goddess of Justice): Unity

*     Six Rods Making up the Fasces: The six towns of the original settlement


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