Chile National Flag

Dec 15th, 2018


Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is located in South America and borders the Pacific Ocean. It consists of the mainland and four islands. The city of Santiago serves as the capital. Chile is governed by a unitary presidential constitutional republic system.


The current Child National flag, adopted in 1854, is a redesign of the first flag adopted after Chile gained its independence. The star was changed to an upright position and the Chile Coat of Arms was removed. The flag was changed due to the difficulty in constructing and reproducing the first flag.


The meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Blue: The Sky that the fight for independence was fought under

*     Red: The bloodshed during the fight for independence

*     White: Snow on the peaks of the Andes

*     Points of White Star: The original five provinces of Chile

*     White Star: Freedom and unity



The first official Chile flag was adopted in October 1817 after the victory of the Battle of Chacabuco. That was the battle that basically gained Chile its independence. The common belief is that it was designed by Antonio Arcos, a Spanish soldier. Historians believe it was designed by Gregorio de India y Varela. The flag was adopted in 1817 but was not made public until February 1818 during the Pledge of Independence ceremony.


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