Columbia National Flag

Dec 14th, 2018


Columbia, officially the Republic of Columbia since 1886, is a country located in the Northwest region of South American with some territories in Central America. The city of Bogota serves as the capital. Columbia became independent in 1810, but remained under Spanish rule. It became completely independent in 1819 and adopted a constitution in 1821. It is interesting to note that Columbia was the first country in South American to institute a constitutional government.


The actual date that Columbia adopted a flag is not known, but it can be assumed that it was after the country gained its independence. The design is said to be a variation of one created by Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan military leader, in the late 1700s. The version adopted by Columbia changed the flag to yellow taking the top 50 percent of the flag, and the bottom 50 percent divided equally between blue and red. The flag is said to symbolize Columbia’s independence from Spain.


The true meanings of the flag design are unknown, but the following two versions are the most widely accepted:


*     Blue: The sky, rivers, and Columbia shores

*     Red: Blood spilled during the country’s fight for independence. Determination and perseverance

*     Yellow: Sun and light and riches of the country




*     Blue: Loyalty and vigilance

*     Red: Battle victories during the fight for independence

*     Yellow: Sovereignty and justice


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