Delaware State Flag History

Sep 16th, 2016

Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies admitted to the Union on December 7, 1787. It also has the prestige of being the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States. Delaware did not adopt an official flag until July 24, 1913.


Delaware State Flag


The field of the flag is colonial blue, and a buff colored diamond that contains the state coat of arms. Below the diamond is the date December 7, 1787. Legend states that the colors blue and buff on the flag were used to reflect General George Washington’s uniform colors. The diamond symbolizes the state’s nickname, the Diamond State.


Delaware State Seal


When the state flag was officially adopted in 1913, it was omitted from the Delaware Code. Once that fact was discovered, the Delaware General Assembly corrected the problem in June 1955 by amending the code to add section 506 to the code titled “Designation of Official State Flag”. That section read:

“The following described flag is the official flag of the State of Delaware. The design of the State Flag shall be as follows: a background of Colonial Blue surrounding a diamond of Buff in which diamond is placed the correct Coat of Arms of the State of Delaware in the colors prescribed by law and in accordance with § 501, Chapter 5, Title 29, of the Delaware Code with the words: December 7, 1787, to be inscribed underneath the diamond.

The official State Colors, Colonial Blue and Buff are designated by the Textile Color Card Association of the United States, Inc., New York, as "Arno Blue" Cable No. 10663, and "Golden Beige" Cable No. 10781 respectively. … The colors of the Coat of Arms and other elements of the State Flag shall be the following: Husbandman, trousers of gray brown, shirt of red, hat and hilling hoe of brown ; Rifleman, suit of green, binding, bag and leggings of buff, hat of brown, powder flask and feather of gray; Shield, frame of shaded yellow, top panel of orange, center panel of blue, lower panel of white, ox of red brown, grass and corn of green, wheat and branches underfoot of yellow, heraldric wreath to be blue and silver (twisted) ; Ship under full sail to have a dark hull and white sails ; Date, December 7, 1787, to be white ; Cord and Tassels to be blue and gold.”


The North American Vexillological Association ranked Delaware’s state flag at 52 out of 72 flags that were surveyed. The poll was taken in 2001 to rate flags from Canadian provinces and American states and territories.


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