Denmark National Flag

Jan 20th, 2019


Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is located in northern Europe. It consists of 16,573 square miles including the Cimbrian Peninsula, also known as Jutland, and 443 named islands. The Faroe Islands and Greenland are also a part of the Kingdom, making the total square miles 853,509, but those places are self-governing. The city of Copenhagen serves as the capital of the country. The Kingdom of Denmark 1849 constitution established a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarch type government.


Denmark adopted an official national flag in 1845. The same flag had previously been adopted in 1748 as a merchant ensign, and in 1842 as a military flag. The flag consists of a red field and features a Nordic cross with the vertical band of the cross offset to the left of the center. The flag is called a Dannebrog, or Danish cloth, in the Danish language. Denmark Kings began displaying banners consisting of a red field with a white cross, although the center vertical stripe was not offset to the left, in the 14th century.


There are several legends about how the flag came into existence. A popular one states that the Danes were in danger of losing the Battle of Lyndanise in 1219. It was felt that they needed a sign to energize the troops to fight harder. The flag was sent down to them from heaven and the Dane’s ended up winning the battle.


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