Department of Veterans Affairs Official Flag

Jun 16th, 2017

The Department of Veterans Affairs, DVA, is a federal agency charged with providing healthcare, disability compensation, education assistance, vocational rehabilitation, home loans, and other benefits to military veterans. DVA was established in 1930, and became a cabinet-level agency in 1989.



The DVAs “distinguishing flag” was authorized in 1990 under 38 CFR 1.9(e). That federal code states that the flag shall have a blue field and the image of the DVAs official seal on both sides of the flag. Two sizes are addressed in the code: Class 1 is for indoor display and must be 52 x 66 with gold nylon fringe on three sides, and Class 2 is for outdoor display and must be 3 x 5 feet with gold nylon fringe.


According to 38 CFR 1.9(d), the elements of the seal, featured in the center of the flag, are as follows:


*     Colors of the Seal: From the U.S. flag and from nature

*     Cord binding the flags and clutched in the eagle’s talons: Those fallen in defense of liberty

*     Eagle: Eternal vigilance of all U.S. veterans

*     Flags: History of the United States

*     Stars: The five branches of the military

*     Various items in the seal: The past, present, and future


As can be seen above, the seal on the distinguishing flag of the DVA has historical significance. It is also representative of all U.S. veterans.


The distinguishing flag may only be used in the places that have been specified in the code or as designated by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration. Some of those locations include the offices of DVA Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Assistant and Deputy Secretaries, and the heads of specified field locations, at official DVA ceremonies, and in non-DVA facilities when DVA officials are present or the DVA is sponsoring an event or display.


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