Ecuador National Flag

Jan 18th, 2019


Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador, is located in northwest South America and includes the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of 109,484 square miles. The city of Quito services as the country’s capital. Ecuador declared independence from Spain in 1809, but Spain did not recognize its independence until 1840. Its current constitution was enacted in 2008 making the governing body a unitary presidential constitutional republic.


The national flag of Ecuador was initially adopted in 1835, before it gained its independence, and was not readopted until 1860. The basic flag design is said to be based on a proposal made by Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda in the early 1800s. The flag consists of a tricolor field and features the Ecuador coat of arms in the center.


The meanings assigned to the flag colors include the following:


*     Blue: The ocean and the sky

*     Red: The blood spilled by Ecuador heroes that died for their country

*     Yellow: Crops the fertile soil in the region


It is interesting to note that Ecuador has a law regarding the manufacture of its national flag. If it is manufactured with the intent to sell to the public, the flag must contain a label on the reverse side. The label is required to include the manufacturer’s name and the year it was manufactured.


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