Egypt National Flag

Jan 27th, 2019


Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is located in the northeast corner of Africa and the southwest corner of Asia. The two regions are connected by a land bridge. The city of Cairo serves as the country’s capital. Egypt gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1922. It is now governed as a unitary semi-presidential republic.


The national flag of Egypt was adopted in 1984. The flag is based on the 1952 Egyptian revolutionary flag but includes the addition of the eagle of Saladin, the national emblem.


The meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Red: Blood spilled during the different wars over the years

*     White: Purity of the heart and abolishment of the monarchy

*     Black: The white above the black signifies how darkness is overcome. It is also said to remember British colonialism and the monarchy

*     Eagle of Saladin: Arabic independence and identity


Saladin is recognized as the national hero of Egypt. He regained Jerusalem from the Crusaders in the 12th century.


By law, abuse of the national flag is a criminal offense because it signifies contempt for the country. The law also includes criminal provisions covering flags and national emblems belonging to other countries.


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