Ethiopia National Flag

Jan 25th, 2019


Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic, is located in the northeast region of Africa and consists of 420,000 square miles. The city of Addis Ababa serves as the country’s capital. Ethiopia gained independence from Italy in 1947. It is currently governed as a Federal dominant-party parliamentary republic.


The national flag of Ethiopia was adopted in 1996 and was modified in 2009 to increase the size of the blue disc. The designer of the flag and how it was chosen is unknown. The flag has a tricolor field and features the national emblem in the center.


The meanings assigned to the flag design and the emblem include the following:


*     Blue: Peace

*     Green: Land and hope

*     Red: Strength

*     Yellow: Peace and harmony

*     Star: Unity and diversity of the people and a bright future

*     Rays: Prosperity


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