Fiberglass Flagpole Facts

Feb 18th, 2016

The fiberglass that is used for making flagpoles is made up of individual glass fibers and other raw materials, including natural minerals and chemicals that are manufactured.  The glass fibers are mixed in with other ingredients that may include silica sand, soda ash, and limestone and heated to a high temperature to form a plastic substance.


In the case of Flagpoles Etc. fiberglass flagpoles, the fiberglass and other ingredients are combined and then formed using a hot mold process. Before enduring the hot mold process, the flagpoles are gel-coated on the inside. This particular molding process ensures that the pole is 97 percent cured when it is removed from the mold, and that the coating will experience minimal evolution over the poles life.


Benefits of Fiberglass Flagpoles


Fiberglass flagpoles offer many benefits over poles made of other substances, including aluminum. Fiberglass poles are lightweight and are resistant to sun, moisture, and corrosion. That quality makes them an excellent choice for those who live in coastal regions, especially given the fact that the poles can withstand high winds. Because of these poles strength and wind resilience, they are equally suited for inland areas.


Some other benefits of purchasing fiberglass flagpoles include the fact that they are maintenance free, will not attract lightening because they do not conduct electricity, and they are quiet. You will not hear the high level of clanging of the flag and clip attachments when the wind is blowing like you do with metal and aluminum flagpoles. Flagpoles Etc. fiberglass poles are virtually maintenance free than some of our competitors because of the way that they are manufactured. Our poles do not exhibit a powdery appearance and cracks, and do not discolor over time.


Fiberglass flagpoles, in short, are virtually maintenance free. The poles do not corrode, pit, stain or present maintenance concerns that other types of poles tend to exhibit.


Fiberglass Flagpole Options


The standard fiberglass flagpole is white in color.  If you choose, you can purchase fiberglass poles in black, bronze, or silver. Those options are available for an additional charge due to the process that must be completed in order to obtain a color other than the standard white.


The standard base of fiberglass flagpoles is ground based. As an option, you can choose hinge base that allows the flagpole to be easily lowered for maintenance and flag replacement.


Order Your Fiberglass Flagpole with Confidence


Flagpoles Etc fiberglass poles are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 60 feet. You can purchase external or internal halyard poles. Halyards are the ropes that allow owners to raise and lower the flag and to maintain the selected position of the flag.


We believe in our products. Our fiberglass flagpoles come with a 20 year warranty and free shipping. Note that we are available in our local areas to install and to service your flag year round.


Contact us today to learn more about fiberglass flagpoles and find out if they would be the perfect fit for your situation. Simply call our toll free number, 888-735-5591, or click on the Contact Us link on our website.


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