Finland National Flag

Feb 10th, 2019


Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is located in Northern Europe on the border of the Baltic Sea and consists of 130,666 square miles. The city of Helsinki serves as the country’s capital. Finland declared independence from Russia in 1917. It is governed as a unitary parliamentary republic.


The official flag of Finland was adopted in 1918 following a flag design contest. Most of the entries used the red and gold from the national coat of arms or blue and white. The design that was chosen was created by two artists, Eero Snellman, and Bruno Tuukkanen. It appears that the same design was used by a yacht club in 1861 and, in various years, by other entities.


The commonly held meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Nordic Cross: Christianity

*     Blue: Finnish lakes and the sky

*     White: Snowy landscape


Finland’s flag is referred to as the blue cross flag. It is only displayed in the country on designated flag days and on some other special occasions.


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