Flag Care

Aug 12th, 2019

How to Care for a Flag


Over time, your flag will wear and may tear as well. Some say to replace the flag as soon as it shows signs of damage, but you can make small, generally unoticeable repairs to the flag as long as it looks undamaged. Try not to expose your flag to unfavorable weather (extreme winds, heavy rain, snow). Do Not roll up, fold, or otherwise crease a wet flag; allow it to dry laid out flat. Warm water and soap is acceptable to use, as long as the flag doesn't sit in the water any longer than neccessary for washing. Colors can run if the flag is left in the water too long.


Outdoor Flag Care


Nylon and Cotton flags are generally expected to last around 3 months (90 days). Flags should only be flown during daylight hours, unless flag is lighted. Studies have shown that the lifespan of flags flown 24 hours a day is approximately one fourth of what is expected.


Indoor Flag Care


Dry cleaning is recommended for Indoor Flags. In the months of June and July, some dry cleaners offer free flag cleaning services, so be sure to check your area.