Flagpole Plaque

May 15th, 2019

3"x5" Aluminum with Brass finish engraved aluminum brass plaques are available and can be curved to fit diameter of your flagpole. Letter styles available are Block, Italic, or Roman style. The plaques are supplied with reversible sticky back tape. Our flagpole Plaques are suitable for a - 3" and larger diameter flagpole. A dedication plaque adds a great touch to the flagpole and gives the flagpole further importance when it's dedicated to a team or a person you want remembered for their accomplishments. Please contact our office at (888)735-5591 to discuss verbiage and styling for your flagpole plaque. 

Flag Pole memorial plaque is the prefect sign to honor or remember a person, easy to install this Flag Pole plaque will last for years in the outdoors.

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Flagpole Plaque