Flagpoles Etc. – Who We Are and What We Do!

Feb 23rd, 2016

Flagpoles Etc. is a family owned business located in Mid-Michigan, that has been in business since. The Brian Mann family started Flagpoles, Etc. following the 9/11, 2001 catastrophe when the outpouring of patriotism across the United States resulted in a lack of flagpole availability. The family took action and made their first flagpole in their garage because of their desire to help American’s show their pride in America. Since that time, Flagpoles Etc. relocated its operation to a 55,000 square foot warehouse complete with a storefront, expanded the products that it offers, and is, today, recognized as the largest flagpole manufacturer in the country. The company can handle individual customer needs, large orders, and custom needs or individuals and organizations.


Products Offered


Flagpoles Etc. offers much more than flagpoles. The company offers a wide variety of products that are all customizable to suit customer needs. For example:


·         Flagpoles – aluminum, fiberglass and wood

·         Flagpole hardware, finials, paint, and more

·         Flags – American, state, military, sports, country, military, sports, message, memorial cases, custom flags, and more!

·         Flagpole lighting – commercial, residential, solar, and uncommon

·         Basketball systems

·         Custom mailboxes


If the item that you need for your business, personal or organization needs is not listed on Flagpoles, Etc. website, they will be happy to assist. If they do not carry it or cannot create it, they will locate and obtain the item for you with no additional charge. In addition, there is never a shipping charge for any of Flagpoles Etc. products.




In addition to flagpole installation services, Flagpoles Etc. offers a flag maintenance program in the state of Michigan that includes a free inspection and safety report. When you join the maintenance program, experienced technicians will conduct a quarterly or a monthly inspection, depending on your preferred schedule, to ensure that your flagpole and your flag is maintained and looks good all year round. Technicians are always on call to schedule an appointment when your flag or flagpole needs maintenance between scheduled inspections. When you join the maintenance program, inspections will be conducted, but work will not be completed to correct any issues that are found without your approval.


Contact Us


Flagpoles Etc. provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. Simply contact them at (888) 735-5591, fax them at (775) 665-6526, or click on the contact link on this page to send a message with your needs or questions about products or services. Flagpoles Etc. delivers the best products available at a lower cost than our competitors.


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