Glendale, Arizona, City Flag

Oct 28th, 2017


Glendale is located in Maricopa County in South Central Arizona. It is about nine miles Northwest of Phoenix. Glendale was named by William John Murphy in 1887 when he helped oversee the building of a canal to bring water to the desert-like area. William H. Bartlett settled the what is now Glendale when he created Sahuaro Ranch, a 640-acre fruit farm. The city was founded on February 27, 1892, and was incorporated in 1910.


The current city flag and logo were adopted in 1990 for use in the 1991 centennial celebration of the Glendale’s founding. The city wanted a flag that could easily be identified by the citizens and businesses of the area. It was designed by the city’s Marketing and Communications Department with the help of an outside company. The meanings attached to the design are as follows:


*     Colors (teal and copper): The city colors

*     Pillars: The three main elements of the city: citizens, business sector, and government


The flag design image also became the logo for the city. That image was used to replace the original 1910 city seal.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Glendale’s flag ranked 102nd out of 150 flags. Most city flags that featured a city seal ranked low in the survey. Read our blog post for tips on good flag design.


Glendale’s first official city flag was adopted in 1979. It had a white field and featured the city seal, designed by Design One/Attention Getters in 1910, in the Center. The image was copper in color and featured an outline of the state of Arizona on the left of the larger inside circular form with rays shooting updates to depict the location of Glendale. On the right side of the circle the silhouettes of people looking towards the horizon over the city with the date of incorporation, 1910, shown below the people. Between the inside and outside of the circles, Glendale was written on top and Arizona on the bottom.


In 1998, the city decided it wanted to preserve its flags for future generations. As a result, full-size versions of both flags were donated to the Glendale Historical Society.


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