Grand Rapids, Michigan, City Flag History

Jun 11th, 2017

Grand Rapids is one of the largest cities in Michigan. It is located on the Western side of the state. Grand Rapids was founded by Louis Campau, a Detroit native, in 1826, after he traveled to the area to establish a trading post. The area continued to grow and, as a result, was incorporated as a village in 1838, and as a city in 1850. Grand Rapids adopted it first official city flag in 1896. The photo below is of the current city flag that was adopted in 1915.



In the early 1900s, Sophie de Marsac Campau, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a committee that was interested in preserving the historical city seal on a flag, submitted a resolution to the Common Council. That resolution requested that a slightly altered city seal, to be called the city arms, be placed on a redesigned city flag.  By unanimous vote, the Common Council adopted the design in 1915. The meanings assigned to the design are as follows:


*     City Arms: Unites the two division of the city represented by the two blue bars

*     Two Blue Bars: The two divisions of the city

*     Blue Field: The blue field on the state flag

*     Red, White and Blue: The United States National flag

*     White: The Grand River



The Evening Press instituted a city flag design contest that received over 600 entries. The winning entry was created by William M. Chase, but received some minor changes before being accepted by the committee. The design was in the shape of a pennant. The smoke rising from the chimneys of the factories represented the city’s activities. The blue horizontal bar symbolized the Grand River.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Grand Rapid’s flag ranked 105th out of 150 flags. Most flags that contain a seal ranked much lower in the NAVA survey that those were designed based on the basic principles of good flag design.


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