Haiti National Flag

Feb 24th, 2019


Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti, is located on the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. It is situated on the west side of the island and consists of 10,714 square miles. The city of Port-au-Prince serves as the country’s capital. Haiti was established in 1804 as the result of the Haitian Revolution. It is governed as a unitary semi-presidential republic. In the native indigenous Taina language, Haiti means land of high mountains.


The official Haitian national flag was adopted in February 1986. The same flag, with minor redesigns, has been used periodically through the years beginning in 1803. How it was chosen and who designed it are unknown. The flag has a bicolor field and features the Haiti coat of arms in the center.


The meanings assigned to the flag and the coat of arms include the following:


*     Blue: Haiti’s black citizens

*     Red: Free, those that were not enslaved, people of color

*     Cap: The cap of liberty

*     Palm Tree: Independence

*     Weapons: Ready to defend freedom

*     “L’Union Fait La Force”: Unity is strength


A variation of the Haiti flag is displayed by business entities and civilians. The field is the same but it does not feature the Haiti coat of arms.


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