How tall of a flagpole should I get?

Apr 4th, 2019

Here are some recommendations of ours!

  • How far off the road will the pole be located? Closer to the road doesn't need to be as high.
  • How tall is the structure that the flagpole will be complimenting? The taller the building the taller the flagpole.
  • How many flags do you want to fly at one time on one pole? The more flags the taller the flagpole needs to be. We recommend that two flags per pole is the best way, but a maximum of three flags can be flown at one time on one pole.
  • What are you using your flagpole for? Is it for an accent piece in a garden, out in front of your entrance, or is it to be the focal point of your business and you want people to use it in identifying your location? An accent piece needs to be just that, part of a bigger picture. If you want to use the flagpole when you are giving directions to your business or home it needs to be BIG.


Flagpoles come in heights ranging from 10' tall to 80' tall in aluminum and even taller in steel.
The most popular height in our opinion is 25'- 35' tall.Flagpole Heights