How to Clean Your Flagpole

Feb 20th, 2016

Spring is generally the time of year that people clean their flagpoles, check the condition of their flag and flagpole hardware, and replace the flag and any worn parts on the pole. This blog post was written to provide cleaning tips. The methods used to clean flagpoles vary, depending on the material that it was used in its construction.


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Fiberglass flagpoles are easy to clean. Although these poles are virtually maintenance free, they can accumulate dirt and debris. In general, spraying the pole with mild to medium pressure from a garden hose will remove most accumulations from the pole.


If the above does not remove all dirt and debris, gather a soft cloth and a mixture of a mild cleaner, such as dish soap, and water. Simply wet the cloth and wipe the pole down, rinsing as needed. . A cleaner that is made especially for cleaning fiberglass may also be used. It should be used as directed by the insert or label. Once the pole is clean, it should be rinsed off with clean water for the best effect.


If your fiberglass pole has stains, you could attempt to remove it with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and wiping that mixture on the stain. Be sure to rinse with clean water once the stain has been removed. For those who choose not to use bleach, white vinegar may be used either full strength of diluted with water.


Note that abrasive materials, including sandpaper or wire brushes, should never be used on fiberglass poles to avoid damaging the coating on the pole.




Wood flagpoles generally have coatings of either marine enamel or varnish on them. Like fiberglass poles, wood poles can accumulate dirt and debris. In that case, the poles can be cleaned in the same manner as fiberglass poles. Spray the pole with a garden hose set to mild or medium pressure. If that process does not remove all of the dirt and debris, a mild cleaner can be missed with water and a soft cloth used to wipe clean the pole.


As with fiberglass poles, abrasive materials should never to be used on wooden poles. Those types of materials can damage the marine enamel or varnish, whichever has been applied to your flag, and allow moisture to gain entrance to the wood itself. If that happens, the life of the pole will be shortened unless the coating is repaired in a timely manner.


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Regular maintenance, including cleaning, is essential to avoiding problems that will interfere with the enjoyment of flying your flag. We offer a maintenance program that will keep your flagpole in excellent shape and operating smoothly throughout the year. Contact us today for a free inspection and safety report.


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