How to Make a Paper American Flag

May 14th, 2019

How to make a paper American flag for Memorial Day


Memorial Day is almost here, and so many people like to march in parades or watch a parade. You can show off your pride with a homemade American flag. I made one, and you can make one, too, in no time at all.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard to the shape of the flag.
  • Take a piece of red paper and cut out seven strips to make seven of the 13 stripes.
  • Next, cut out six white strips of paper. Glue the red and white stripes alternately to make 13 red and white stripes.
  • Cut a blue rectangle for the top left corner. Add 50 stars to the blue rectangle to represent the 50 states. That will take some time; work slowly to make the stars beautiful.
  • Secure a stick on the back of the left side of the flag with tape.

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