Huntington, West Virginia, City Flag History

Jan 26th, 2017

Huntington is located in the southwest portion of West Virginia along the bank of the Ohio River. The city is close to the borders of Ohio and Kentucky. Huntington was incorporated in 1871. It is unknown if the city has ever adopted an official city flag.



The above, apparently unofficial, city flag was included in The American City Flag Survey that was conducted in 2004 by the North American Vexillological Association. The flag was ranked 149 out of the 150 flags included in the survey; the second worst rated city flag in the United States.


A flag design contest was held in 2004 in an attempt to improve the city flag. Once designs were submitted, the city published them on its website and allowed the public to vote for their favorite. A Huntington graphic artist, Mike Steele, won the contest. His design was simple; he featured a copy of the Huntington city seal on a white field.



It was reported that the design features have the following meanings:


  • East Huntington Bridge – A cable-stayed bridge constructed in 1985 that spans from Huntington, WV, to Proctorville, Ohio.
  • Mountain Ridge – Symbolizes Huntington’s park system
  • Ohio River – Symbolizes an important part of Huntington’s history
  •  Skyscrapers – Symbolizes the progress made in the downtown area of the city


This flag was not likely to have fared much better, even though Huntington’s seal is not as busy and compact looking as most city seals. The NAVA survey results consistently gave low ratings to flags that featured city seals.


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