Italy National Flag History

Nov 3rd, 2018


Italy is officially known as the Italian Republic. It is located in Europe in the Mediterranean Sea and consists of 116,350 square miles. Italy became its own Kingdom in March 1861 and then became a Republic in June 1946. Before 1861, Italy was ruled by various other entities. Rome serves as the capital of the country.


Although Italy has displayed a flag, similar to its current flag, since the 1700s, it did not officially adopt a flag until 1946. The tricolor flag features three vertical bands of green, white, and red.


There are no actual meanings assigned to the flag design. The colors were chosen by combining Milan’s flag colors, red and white, with the green of military uniforms. Even so, over time, different people and entities have chosen to associate the design with their own definitions.


The most common meanings associated with the flag design include the following:


*     Green: The plains and hills of Italy

*     White: Snow on the Alps

*     Red: Blood spilled during the Wars of Italian independence and Unification


Another interpretation is religious in nature and includes the following:


*     Green: Hope

*     White: Faith

*     Red: Charity


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