Montpelier, Vermont, City Flag History

Feb 8th, 2017

Montpelier is located in north central Vermont, and is the capital city of the state. According to the Charter of the city of Montpelier, the area was first chartered as a town in 1781. By 1848, the town had grown to the point that the general laws became deficient and, as a result, the town was chartered as a village. The town continued to grow and prosper, and, as a result, it was chartered as a city in 1894 so that it could better meet the particular needs of the community.


In 2000, the city council received a request for a city flag for use in the California 2001 Rose Bowl Parade. Since the city did not have a city flag, a suggestion was approved to use the images on the new welcome sign on a city flag design. The welcome signs and the flag were designed by Mirabile Designs.



The flag features mountains, a river fork, and the statehouse, a silo, and churches and homes scattered across the hills on a white field. The image is meant to give an idyllic image of the city.


In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA, conducted The American City Flag Survey. Montpelier’s flag ranked 141 out of 150 flags making it the tenth worst city flag included in the survey.


Even though the NAVA survey was conducted in 2004, it was not until September 2016 that the Montpelier city manager, William J. Fraser, issued a call for participants in a flag redesign group. Applicants were to be notified of the first meeting in October 2016. No further information could be obtained on Fraser’s efforts to begin the process of redesigning the city flag.


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