Nebraska State Flag History

Oct 21st, 2016

Nebraska was the 37th state admitted to the Union on March 1, 1867. The state did not adopt an official flag until 1963.


Nebraska Flag


A bill was passed in 1925 designating a rectangular state banner that consisted of a blue field and featured the state seal in gold and silver colors in the center. The seal is circular in shape and features a steamboat on the Missouri River, a blacksmith with an anvil and hammer, a cabin surrounded by wheat sheaves and sprouting corn, and a train in the background chugging towards the Rocky Mountains. The state motto “Equality Before The Law” is printed above the mountains. The words "Great Seal of the State of Nebraska" and the date "March 1, 1867" surround the seal features. The date represents the state's admission to the Union.


Nebraska Seal


It took another 96 years, until 1963, for Nebraska to adopt the official banner as the state flag. Nebraska was one of the last states in the Union to adopt an official state flag.


The North American Vexillological Association, in its 2001 survey, rated the Nebraska flag as the second worst out of 72 Canadian provincial and U.S. state and territory flags. Georgia’s flag was the rated the worst, but that state has changed its flag design since that survey was conducted. A bill to create a commission to suggest a new flag design was discussed by the Nebraska Legislature’s Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee in 2002. Other than the discussion, no other action was taken to change the state’s flag design.


The original Nebraska state is on display at the Office of the Secretary of State. The Nebraska State Historical Society has a microfilm available that was compiled by Mrs. B.C. Miller about the state flag.


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