Provo, Utah, City Flag History

Feb 4th, 2017

Provo is located south of Salt Lake City in the Utah Valley. A group of Mormon families founded the city in 1849. At the time it was founded, the city was named Fort Utah. In 1850, the town was incorporated and renamed Provo. The new name was in recognition of Etienne Provost, a trapper that arrived in the area in 1825. Provo adopted an official city flag in 1965. That flag had a red and blue field, and featured a large P in white and in the lower right hand corner the year 1849 in white numbers.


In 1985, the Mayor or Provo, Joe Jenkins, introduced a redesigned city flag. The flag had a white field and featured the word Provo with a rainbow bar below the name. The colored bar was used to represent the diverse, eclectic nature of the city.



In 2004, the North American Vexillological Association conducted The American City Flag Survey. Provo’s flag ranked 143 out of 150 flags making it the eighth worst city flag that was rated.


It was not until 2014 that Mayor John Curtis began looking for a new city flag design. The Mayor submitted a number of designs to the City Council, but all were rejected. He enlisted Deputy Mayor Corey Normal to head the search for a new design. Citizens submitted their designs and voted on their favorites on the Mayor’s blog. The final recommendation was chosen by a committee and submitted to the City Council. In 2015, that flag was approved unanimously as the new city flag design.



The flag design reflects Utah’s lakes and features the sun rising from behind the mountains. The blue field is reflective of blue skies. This design would most likely rank much higher in an American City Flag survey should one be conducted in the future.


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