Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Flag

Oct 20th, 2018


Sioux Falls is located on the southeast border of South Dakota and consists of 73.47 square miles. It serves as the seat of Minnehaha County. Sioux Falls was organized in 1856 along the Big Sioux River. The city is known as the Best Little City in America and as the Queen City of the West. Its motto is “The Heart of America”.


A flag design competition was held in 2014. The winning entry, designed by Max Rabkin, was chosen by the People’s Choice award and by a panel of experts. The flag was not officially adopted until 2018.


The meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Blue and White Zigzag Stripes: The Big Sioux River falls. The rising direction of the pattern represents the growth of the city

*     Blue Upper Field: Mimics the South Dakota flag field

*     Red on Lower Field: The quartzite that was quarried from the area until 1920. It was used in the construction of many of the important early buildings in the city

*     Red, White, and Blue: Represent the United States flag and city and state pride

*     Sun: Taken from the South Dakota state flag and represents South Dakota by its former nickname “The Sunshine State”


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