Flagpoles Etc. Tidbits

Camp Promise Flint and the Flags They are Displaying

Apr 14th, 2017

Confederate States of America National Flag History

Apr 9th, 2017

Between 1860 and 1861, 11 southern states seceded from the United States and formed their own government, Confederate States of America. The reasons for the succession included state rights and taxation.

Raleigh, North Carolina, City Flag History

Apr 8th, 2017

Raleigh was formed in 1792 as a direct result of the authorization of the North Carolina General Assembly to establish a permanent capital for the state.

Flagpole Lighting Options

Apr 7th, 2017

 The United States Flag Code serves as guidance on the proper way to display and care for your American flag. That code states that the U.S.

Australia National Flag History

Apr 1st, 2017


Labrador Flag History

Mar 31st, 2017


Rainbow Flag History

Mar 30th, 2017



New York City, New York, City Flag History

Mar 26th, 2017

New York City is located on the southern tip of the State of New York near the Hudson River, and is the most populated city in the United States.

Birmingham, Alabama, City Flag History

Mar 25th, 2017


Abbeville, Louisiana, City Flag History

Mar 24th, 2017