The Rock 12 Volt Lighting Kit (ITEM ON BACK-ORDER)

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THE ROCK Low Voltage, 12V Flagpole Lighting Kit

35 lb. Rock with Built-In Fixture:


17"x17"x9" Rock Flagpole Light
5 Watt LED Bulb
UL Listed for Outdoor Use


Digital Transformer:


12 Volt Transformer with Built-In Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye with Timer


50' of Low Voltage Wire




  • 35 lb. Rock - Acid Stain Grey Color 17"x17"x9"
  • 4" Black Aluminum Canister Spotlight Fixture
  • 5 Watt Cool White LED Bulb
  • 50' of low voltage wire
  • 12 Volt Transformer with Built-in Photo Eye with Timer
  • Easy Do It Yourself Installation Instructions


"The Rock" is a large, heavy-duty, 35 lb. flagpole lighting kit, specially designed for the proper illumination of flagpoles. This Flagpole Rock Light is not something you can purchase at a local hardware or chain store. This kit comes with a completely sealed 5 watt cool white LED bulb designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard. "THE ROCK" is proudly made in the USA and utilizes LED technology for the least possible energy consumption. Its LED bulb is equivalent to a 50 watt halogen bulb. This rock is one of a kind. Be the first to revolutionize the landscape lighting in your neighborhood. This lighting fixture has 10 degree spot optics making it suitable for ground mounted up-lighting.



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