Fiberglass External Flagpoles: 60' - Only Available with Hinge Base!

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Recommended for commercial applications such as larger commercial buildings, churches, schools, cities, and most popular size for car dealerships. Great attention getter and a great way to show respect to old glory.

Standard Accessories Included

  • Gold Anodized Ball
  • Rotating Truck Unit
  • Solid Braided Polypropylene Halyard 
  • Case Aluminum Cleat with Mounting Screws
  • Flash Collar 
  • Corrugated PVC Foundation Sleeve
  • Imported from Estonia



A flagpole is a central part of any home or business. When something is such a focal point, it needs to be the best. The fiberglass flagpoles for sale by Flagpoles Etc. are by far the best. Fiberglass flagpoles are ideally suited for states with coastal regions, such as Maine and New Jersey, because of their wind and water resistance but equally well-suited for inland areas because of their strength and resilience. Fiberglass flagpole owners can say goodbye to worries of corrosion, lightning strikes, pitting, stains and any maintenance concerns in general because fiberglass flagpoles are not affected by any of these problems. Choose carefree strength; choose fiberglass flagpoles.

There is a good reason Fiberglass External Halyard Flagpoles are so coveted—they are highly functional and provide the traditional look associated with classic flagpoles. The fiberglass used for these flagpoles makes these flagpoles stronger than any other fiberglass flagstaffs out there and the external halyard allows owners to easily raise and lower flags while enjoying the classic look that only an external halyard can provide. Available in heights ranging from 20 feet to 60 feet to meet the needs of homes and businesses both large and small. These External Halyard Flagpoles come fully mounted and complete with an impressive 20 year warranty. 

Looking for lightweight strength made to thrive in nautical environments? Look no further than Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles with Yardarm. The Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles offered by Flagpoles Etc. come almost fully mounted so that owners only have to attach the finial at the top. The gel coating on these flagpoles means they require no pesky painting maintenance. In addition to being wind and weather resistant, Flagpoles Etc.’s Nautical Flagpoles are also safer because they do not conduct electricity from lightning. Any marine enthusiast needs to look no further than Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles with a Yardarm to find the perfect flagpole! 




This is the only fiberglass flagpole manufactured using a hot molded process. This process ensures that the curing is 97% completed when the pole is taken out of the mold after 20-30 minutes.


The gel-coat which has been applied inside the wall of the mold becomes an integral part of the composite. There is no risk of detachment between the composite and the gel-coat. And because the curing has been achieved at 97%, there is only a very minimal evolution of the composite over the life of the fiberglass flagpole.


The hot-molded process increases the strength of the composite which allows us to manufacture stronger fiberglass flagpoles. The two mold lines are a characteristic of fiberglass flagpoles. They are not a seam or a manufacturers defect. If you are not familiar with fiberglass flagpoles, you can request pictures of mold lines prior to the purchase of your fiberglass flagpole. This is why our fiberglass flagpoles have the highest wind ratings/weight in the industry.


Our External Halyard Fiberglass Flagpoles offer the traditional style that has a patriotic look. It is the most popular style in the United States. A halyard is the rope that is used to raise and lower the flag and to maintain the position that the flag is set at.


 Our standard fiberglass flagpoles are white in color.  We also give you the option to purchase the flagpole with a hinge base, rather than the standard

ground base. The hinge base allows easy lowering of the flagpole for maintenance or to replace the flag.








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Alaska or Hawaii.


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