Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch 20'-60' (ON BACKORDER FOR 8 WEEKS)

Exp. Heigh:20'
Buttress Diameter:4.5"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):162
Recommended Flag Size:3' x 5'
Part number:HB-20
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Exp. Heigh:25'
Buttress Diameter:4.5"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):149
Recommended Flag Size:4' x 6'
Part number:HB-25
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Exp. Heigh:30'
Buttress Diameter:5"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):112
Recommended Flag Size:5' x 8'
Part number:HB-30
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Exp. Heigh:35'
Buttress Diameter:5.25"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):99
Recommended Flag Size:6' x 10'
Part number:HB-35
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Exp. Heigh:40'
Buttress Diameter:5.66"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):96
Recommended Flag Size:8' x 12'
Part number:HB-40
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Exp. Heigh:50'
Buttress Diameter:7"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):100
Recommended Flag Size:10' x 15'
Part number:HB-50
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Exp. Heigh:60'
Buttress Diameter:7"
Wind Speed w/ Flag (mph):100
Recommended Flag Size:12' x 18'
Part number:HB-60
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Our Fiberglass Internal Halyard Flagpoles with winch offer a neat, patriotic look to your display. A halyard is the rope that is used to raise and lower the flag and to maintain the position that the flag is set at. Internal means that the halyard and the related hardware are on the inside of the flagpole rather than on the outside like traditional poles. Internal halyards help to give a finished look to your flagpole and help deter theft and vandalism. The winch is the device that the halyard is attached to that allows the flag to be raised, lowered, and held at the height that you prefer by turning the outside handle.


Flagpoles Etc. offers Internal Halyard Fiberglass Flagpoles with winch from 20 to 60 feet tall that can withstand a variety of wind speeds. If you are not sure of what is needed at your location, you may click on the Wind Chart link located on the left of this page for general information.


Our standard Fiberglass Flagpoles are white in color, only. We also give you the option to purchase the flagpole with a hinge base, rather than the standard ground base. The hinge base allows easy lowering of the flagpole for maintenance or to replace the flag.


If you would like to purchase a fiberglass internal flagpole with winch on this page, you may add it to your cart and either check out or click on the links located on the left side of this page to browse our other sections to view the products necessary to finish your flagpole including Flags, Flagpole Balls and Eagles and Flagpole Lighting. Please feel free to contact us using our toll free number, 888-735-5591 or by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of this page. If you have any questions about our flagpoles, flags or accessories, our expert, professional staff are always happy to assist you.







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