Information onTelescoping Flagpoles

Aluminum telescoping flagpoles were designed to add convenience to displaying your flag. The flagpole extends by sections and locks in place. It can easily be collapsed down with the push of each section button for easy flag replacement. Telescoping poles are an excellent choice for use by homeowners and businesses as well as campers and tailgaters.



These flagpoles are made of rust free anodized aircraft aluminum for maintenance free convenience that will last for years. All of the hardware that is included with the pole is constructed of aluminum and/or stainless steel and thermoplastic materials. The hardware included will depend on the model that you choose to purchase. 



  • Option of purchasing a permanent or a portable flagpole.
  • Included swivel rings allow the flag to rotate 360 degrees
  • Fully functional, even in freezing weather
  • No loose or hanging hardware or ropes that make clanging noise
  • Can fly up to two flags on some models



Telescoping flagpoles are available in lengths ranging from 16 to 30 feet. The size that you need generally depends on your preferences. In general, you will want a longer pole if you will be using it as a focal point of your landscaping. You will want a somewhat shorter pole if you want it to blend in with your landscape and buildings. The size of the surrounding structures should be taken into account when making a decision. In general, if the structure is a single story, an 18 to 25 foot flagpole would be a good choice. If the structure is a two story, a 25 to 30 foot flagpole would be suitable. Most residential homeowners install 20 foot flagpoles.


The size of the flag that you intend to fly will have a bearing on the size of flagpole that you will need. For example, a 3 foot by 5 foot flag should be flown on a house mounted or a 20 foot flagpole, while a 5 foot by 8 foot flag is suitable for a 30 foot flagpole.


Installation Guidelines

When purchasing a flagpole, you should first ensure that it will stand up to the weather conditions in your area. You will need a stronger flagpole, for example, if the area where the pole will be installed regularly experiences high winds. 


When choosing a location for your flagpole, you should keep it away from trees, power lines and structures that may interfere with the flag. You should also ensure that there is nothing to interfere with the flag when it is being flown at half-staff after the death of a government official and on specific days, including Peace Officers Memorial Day, Memorial Day, Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, Patriot Day and Pearl Harbor Day. The United States president and the governor or your state may proclaim that the U.S. flag be flown at half staff according to presidential guidelines.  Half-staff means that the flag is flown halfway between the top and the bottom of the flagpole.


Our flagpole kits include everything that you need to install your new flagpole. Contact us for more information on choosing a telescoping flagpole that would be perfect for your specific needs.


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