Iceland National Flag

Mar 3rd, 2019


Iceland is an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean and consists of 40,000 square miles. The city of Reykjavik serves as the country’s capital. Iceland gained its independence from Denmark in December 1918 and became the Kingdom of Iceland in union with the king of Denmark. That union was abolished by a vote in 1944 and Iceland became a republic. The county is governed as a unitary parliamentary republic.


Iceland originally displayed its current national flag in 1915 when seeking its independence. The flag was not officially adopted until Iceland became a republic in 1944. How the flag was chosen or its designer is unknown, but the red Nordic cross is common in Nordic countries.


The meanings assigned to the flag design include the following:


*     Cross: The Nordic cross represents Christianity

*     Blue: Iceland’s mountains as they look from the coast, and the Atlantic Ocean

*     Red: Lava from the country’s active volcanoes

*     White: The ice and snow that covers Iceland most of the year


Iceland’s flag law states that displaying the flag is a privilege rather than a right. Citizens may only display the national flag if it is mint condition and the protocols on its usage are observed. Disrespecting the flag can result in imprisonment of up to a year or a fine.


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