Premium Box Stitch


Is your flag not lasting long enough? Have all the flag companies told you there is nothing they can do about it?

Tired of the big box stores cheap or imported US flags?

This is your solution! Finally a flag with extra stitching for added strength and longer lasting flags.

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Flags are No Longer Created Equal!

Torn Us Flag Standard Stitch Us Flag Premium Box Stitch Us Flag
Torn Flag Standard Premium box stitch

As we all know, all flags begin to fray at the fly end and then begin to tear between the red and the white stripes. In order to help slow this process down we added Box stitching between every red and white seam on the fly end in addition to the rows of stitching (8x12 and larger only). We also added additional box stitching to the top and bottom corners.

Standard Chain Stitch Premium unidirectional chain stitch
Standard Premium unidirectional chain stitch

Standard flags use a chain stitch to hold the seams together between the red and white strips while our premium box stitch flags use a unidirectional chain stitch. This is the strongest stitch for horizontal seams in the market today. This new stitch is double the material of our standard stitches and creates a locking stitch that helps to prevent premature separation of the strips after the fly end fails.

Standard Brass Grommets Premium D ring with co name

Premium (D ring with co name)

(8x12 and larger only)

Standard flags have small brass grommets that sometimes in windy situations wear and pull through the headers due to lack of material around the grommet. They also tear between the header and the blue field where most of the weight is bearing on the material. Our premium box stitch flag has chrome D rings using the strength of the entire header and reinforced with additional material in the top corner.

Standard die cut star Premium embroidered star field
Standard Premium

Our 8x12 or larger standard flags come with die cut stars and our Premium Box stitch flag has an all embroidered star field.


These flags are meant to last! If you're looking for the best all around flag that will last the longest then take advantage of our New Premium Box stitched flag. These flags are available in all Nylon and 2 ply poly US flags.

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