Flagpole Hardware - Make your own Flagpole

You can purchase flagpole hardware to make your own flagpole and to replace worn parts or to give your existing flagpole a whole new look. We have quality parts available for you to choose from in a variety of price ranges. 


How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Flagpole

The hardware that you need will depend on the type of flagpole that you have. Internal halyard flagpoles have some different parts than external halyard poles do. External halyard poles are those that have the mechanisms for raising and lowering the flag on the outside of the pole, while internal halyard poles have the mechanisms on the inside. In addition, some of the hardware for different types of poles, such as fiberglass and aluminum, will also be different.


Before purchasing any hardware or decorations, be sure to click on the link for your type of flagpole to ensure that you are purchasing parts that will fit your needs.


Decorative Attachments

Decorative attachments are mounted on the top of the flagpole.


Balls are available from 3 to 12 inches in a variety of spindle threading sizes. These balls are silver satin or gold anodized in color and are made of spun cast aluminum. Whichever you choose, the ball will give your flagpole a nice traditional look.


Eagles are designed to replace the traditional ball on top of your flagpole. These attachments feature an eagle taking off in flight from the top of a round ball and are a very decorative addition for your flagpole. Our eagles are made of cast aluminum and can be purchased in 12 or 24 inch sizes, and gold anodized or natural painted eagle colors. 



The hardware listed below is common to both internal and external halyard flagpoles.



The truck is the pulley device that is placed over the top of the pole that the halyard threads through. You will need to purchase the diameter that fits your particular flagpole.


Halyards and Halyard Covers

Halyards are the ropes that are used to raise and lower the flag. The halyards that are used on flagpoles are generally made of either multi-braided nylon, nylon wire cored or stainless steel aircraft cable. As a general rule, the length of your halyard should be twice the height of your flagpole. For example, if your flagpole is 30 feet tall, you will need 60 feet of halyard.


Snaps and Covers

Snaps are connected to the halyard and used to attach your flag. We carry nylon snaps, solid brass, rubber coated, nickel plated zinc and chrome plated swivel snaps as well as stainless steel spring clips in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Snap covers are designed to fit over the flag snap. The covers help reduce the noise made from metal snaps clanging against the flagpole when it is windy and help protect the pole’s finish. Our covers are available in gray or brown.



Cleats are metal devices that are attached to the flagpole and used to tie off the ends of the halyard. They are available in a variety of styles so that you can choose the type that will match your flagpole. Cleat covers with locks are also available to help protect against theft of your flag.


Flash Collars

Flash collars rest around the bottom of the flagpole and cover your foundation sleeve. The inside diameter of the flash collar must match the diameter of the butt, or bottom, of your flagpole. These are used to help with water runoff and to give your flagpole a finished look.


Foundation Sleeves

Foundation sleeves are made of galvanized steel or PVC. The sleeve is designed to be installed in the ground and used to hold the base of the flagpole. The size that you need will depend on the butt size of your pole.


We have all the hardware that you will need to make your own flagpole or replace parts on your existing flagpole. If we do not have the particular item that you are looking for, we will be happy to find it for you. Our experienced flagpole staff is standing by to help you with all of your flagpole needs.


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