Flagpole Lighting


A beautiful sunny day allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of a flag, but how are people to enjoy the majesty of a flag on a rainy or cloudy day or in the evenings? High quality flagpole lighting can solve this problem. Flagpoles Etc. has UL rated outdoor flagpole lighting options for both commercial and residential customers in a variety of styles and voltages including energy conserving solar options. Whatever a customer’s flagpole lighting ideas or design aspirations, the answer is only a click away. 

More Information on Flagpole Lights

Flag Etiquette says, if you are flying your American Flag after dusk, it must be illuminated.  There are several options for illuminating your American Flag.  Depending the location of your flagpole, you may choose to go with a hard-wired lighting set, if electrical is readily available.  However, if your flagpole is located where electricity is not an option, the solar flagpole lighting is for you.  Whether you need to light your 150' commercial flagpole or your 20' telescoping flagpole....We've got you covered.  We offer the largest selection of Flagpole Lighting in the industry and have a light for every customer's need. Whether you have a commercial or residential flagpole, we have the largest selection of both electric and solar flagpole lights for you to choose from. They come in all different styles and sizes. It really just depends, what works best for you?