Telescoping 6'-30'


Why choose aluminum telescoping flagpoles? A better question is why choose any other type of flagpole! Aluminum telescoping flagpoles give strength, durability, and flexibility. Hang one flag at full mast, one flag at half mast, or hang dual flags. Extend AEP telescoping flagpoles in seconds and collapse them just as quickly. The quality materials and craftsmanship used in aluminum telescoping flagpoles means you are getting a flag pole that will last for years and years to come. Flagpoles Etc. is pleased to offer a multitude of aluminum telescoping flagpoles for customers to choose from, all from the convenience of their computer screens! 



More Information on Telescoping Flagpoles

Telescoping flagpoles are not only affordable but they are also portable and convenient.  Telescoping flagpoles are easier to transport and maneuver than one-piece flagpoles.  There are no ropes or pulley's to operate.  They can fly 2 flags at once and also allow you to fly the US flag at half staff.   Telescoping flagpoles come in different sizes and colors and make great gifts.  Telescoping flagpoles are ideal for residential applications.  They can be used all year long or removed and stored for the winter.  You can even take it right from your yard to the tailgating party with ease.  Take it camping or to the cabin for the weekend, you can't say that with traditional flagpoles.