30ft. x 6in. x .188in. Internal Aluminum Flagpole with Winch

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Included Hardware

Your Ground Set Flagpole Includes All These Items, At NO Additional Cost To You.

Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball Finial/Topper W/ Flush Seam

Revolving Internal Halyard Truck Cast aluminum single revolving truck assembly with sheave.

Beaded retainer sling with counterweight and winch cable.

Flagpole Snaps- 1 set w/ order. Upon Request, we will include 2 additional snaps at no additional cost. This enables you to fly two flags at once on your flagpole.

Flagpole Snap Covers, used to prevent the dinging noises in strong wind conditions from the brass flag snaps.

Manually Operated Winch, includes winch handle.

Flash Collar- Gives your flagpole that beautiful finished look.

Corrugated ground sleeve with lightning rod.

Popular with two story homes with large yards or on a lakeside. Most popular flagpole for all business.



 Customers in search of a top quality flagpole will find their answer with an aluminum internal halyard flagpole with a winch. An Internal Halyard Flagpole with a winch has the cable on the inside of the flagpole, thus averting potential flag theft. Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch are made of Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper and feature sanded satin finish (one of six other painted finishes), revolving truck assembly, ground set foundation and matching spun aluminum cast collar. The winch system allows users to conveniently lock the flag at any desired position. Customers are sure to be pleased with the purchase of an Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpole with a winch.

Internal Halyard Flagpoles

Our standard selection of internal halyard aluminum flagpoles (halyard on the inside of the pole) are available in mounted heights from 20 ft. to 80 ft. with a ground set foundation or shoe base. Internal Halyard Aluminum flagpoles are great for commercial flagpole applications to prevent flag theft by having a winch with a locking door. Internal halyards have a stainless steel cable that runs up the center of the flagpole exiting out the top of the flagpole where the flag, weight and beaded retainer ring attach. Being that the rope is not on the outside of the flagpole, like a traditional external halyard flagpole, the ting ting sound is drastically reduced.There are two different types of Internal aluminum halyard flagpoles, the manual cam cleat that uses the rope on the inside and the winch operated flagpole that uses the stainless steel cable that requires very minimal effort. Due to the fact that the cam cleat is manual, the internal flagpole cam cleat is only available to a 40' pole to prevent injury of a heavy flag coming down to fast. The winch is available up to 80' and has a winch handle with an automatic, locking winch to prevent the flag from injuring an operator. If you're looking for the Cadillac of flagpoles, the Internal Aluminum Flagpole with winch is your answer. There isn't a higher quality aluminum flagpole you can purchase.

Internal Halyard With Winch, Standard Flagpoles, Ground Set:

  • Material: Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes
  • Truck: Revolving truck assembly with stainless steel bearing
  • Halyard: Stainless steel aircraft cable with two, chrome Plated, bronze swivel snap hooks, plastic covered counterweight and beaded sling
  • Collar: Spun aluminum flash collar finished to match pole
  • Foundation: Ground Set foundation - sleeve fabricated from 16-gauge galvanized corrugated steel tube with a 3/16-inch thick steel base plate and support plate, 3/4-inch diameter x 18 inches long ground spike and steel centering wedges.
  • Winch: A winch is provided inside the pole at 4-6 above ground level to raise and lower the flag by use of a removable hand crank. The winch contains an automatic brake system to permit locking of the flag in any position.


Custom order options:

  • Foundations: Shoe Base foundation - Cast aluminum shoe base with four galvanized steel anchor bolts and galvanized steel hex nuts, washers and lock washers.
  • Finishes: Choose from many standard or custom powder paint colors or anodized finishes, or specify your own color for any of these beautiful flagpoles.

 Remember, we are not just an online company that sells flags and flagpoles.  We are a fully stocked warehouse with special equipment, pole climbers and professional installers that install every day. If you need help with your installation we are proud to offer some of the most experienced staff you will ever need to get the job done right.  If your installation questions are after hours, don’t worry the afterhours message has an urgent number for you to use.  This person is not someone who will accept your credit card or process an order it is an actual pro who can help you with your technical issues. 


Not sure about which pole your section 10350 or 10750 specs require?  No worries, call or email Courtnie our commercial specialist. Its her job to assist all general contractors or commercial projects. She is very knowledgeable about our products, very professional and happens to be a sweetheart. Please visit our testimonials page as well as our project page to see what we are capable of engineering and installing.


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