Locking Collar Clamps for 20' & 25' flagpole

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For Flagpole Size: 
20' & 25'

Locking Collar Clamps for 20' & 25' flagpole


These stainless steel clamps prevent the pole from being lifted out of the ground sleeve. 



AEP Telescoping pole

Homeowners, RV enthusiasts and small business owners rejoice- the AEP Elite Telescoping Flagpole is for you. The easy lock system and anodized finish make this flagpole simple and maintenance free.

This pole can be locked in place in just seconds, yet still provides a sturdy and reliable telescoping flagpole. The seven year warranty for the AEP\u2019s Elite Telescoping Flagpoles means worry free ownership.


AEP Elite telescoping flagpole is designed primarily for home landscaping. It features our "Easy Lock" system for quick and simple raising and lowering. The hard anodized finish provides a maintenance free finish. Swivel rings allow the flag to fly freely and remain tangle free. An extra swivel ring allows two flags to be flown at once or one flag to be flown at half mast. The Elite flagpole is great for homeowners and small businesses.

The only telescoping flagpole with a 3" diameter base.


Available Accessories:

  • 12" Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament
  • 12" Painted Eagle Flagpole Ornament
  • Standard Silver Base Collar
  • White Base Collar
  • Bronze Base Collar
  • Locking Collar Clamp
  • Hitch Mount for Flag poles
  • Wheel Stand for Flag poles
  • Telescoping Flagpole Bag




  • Telescoping Flagpole Design
  • "Easy Lock" System (Patented) with Lexan 6E141 (polycarbonate with UV blocker)
  • Extends and Locks in Place in Seconds
  • High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6000 Series with T6 Temper
  • 30% Stronger than Competitor's Current Products
  • Architectural Hard Anodize Finish
  • Large Diameter Tubing (See Pole Specifications Below)
  • No Ropes to Wear or Tangle
  • Split Ring Swivels
  • No Hardware to Bang Against the Pole
  • Maintenance Free
  • Portable


Flagpole Kit Includes the Following:


  • Flagpole
  • Swivel Rings to Fly One or Two Flags
  • Swivel Ring to Fly One Flag Half Mast
  • Snaps
  • Ground Sleeve
  • Gold Ball
  • 3' X 5' Flag with Embroidered Stars, 100% Nylon, Double Stitched
  • Instruction Sheet and Warranty Card


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