Fiberglass Hinge Base Installation Instructions

Tilting Base Set-up

These instructions assume normally packed soil. In case of lightly packed, sandy, humid, or other conditions where concrete block could potentially shift, increase the hole size to create a wider base for greater stability.

hinge base installation

1Dig a hole in the ground according to measurements indicated in Drawing A. Position hinge part of the tilting base toward the side where the flagpole will be tilted.

Ensure that enough space is available when tilting flagpole to the ground. 

hinge base installation 2Secure anchor rods to plate using nuts (3) and (4). Set-up according to measurement M (see Drawing B) and install hinge plate above hole in the ground on top of a cross bar to maintain plate at proper level. 
hinge base installation

3Fill hole with concrete up to a level below the lower nuts (3) and ensure correct positioning of the plate. Drying time varies with weather and cement type.

Allow one day for quick setting concrete and a full week for standard concrete.

hinge base installation 4Once concrete is hard, remove crossbar, keep nuts (3), (4), and washers (6) in place. Washers (7) and nuts (5) will be used later to secure flagpole in vertical position.
  5Position flagpole's base plate on hinge plate using the hinge pin (9). Lift flagpole vertically, fit washers (7) and nuts (5) on anchor rods.
Check that flagpole is vertical; if not, adjust position by modifying position of nuts (3/4/5), then tighten nuts (5)




IMPORTANT; Measurement M (distance between bottom nut (3) and top of anchor rod) must be accurate to be able to raise pole completely.

Where M = 2.5" & Y = 3.5" for Drawing B


Drawing A
Recommended hole size
20-foot pole: H: 30" / D: 30"
25-foot pole: H: 30" / D: 36"
30-foot pole: H: 30" / D: 42"
35-foot pole: H: 35" / D: 48"
40-foot pole: H: 35" / D: 54"

6" of gravel must be added to the bottom of the hole to facilitate drainage. Actual depth of concrete will be Depth minus 6".

H = Depth D = Diameter

Drawing B

1 Threaded anchor rods M20
2 Concrete
3/4/5 Nuts M20
6/7 Washers M20
8 Flagpole plate
9 Hinge Pin
10 Base Plate


Snap Illustration
Slip a loop through the eye of the snap. Slip a loop through the eye of the snap
Put the loop over the snap. Put the loop over the snap
Draw tight. Draw tight.


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