Fiberglass In-ground Sleeve Installation Instructions

Sleeve Base Set-up

These instructions assume normally packed soil. In case of lightly packed, sandy, humid, or other conditions where concrete block could potentially shift, increase the hole size to create a wider base for greater stability.

Poles are supplied with a PVC sleeve which has a length equal to 10% of the height of the pole and an internal diameter of 6" (optional 8" for 30-, 35-, and 40-foot high poles.) Several shims are supplied depending on the pole diameter.

In-Ground Sleeve Installation Instructions 1Dig a round hole based on dimensions indicated in Drawing A. Pour 6" gravel at the bottom of the hole to facilitate water
In-Ground Sleeve Installation Instructions 2Position the PVC sleeve at the center of the hole, its top flush with the ground level, and secure it in such a way that it will remain perfectly vertical and not move when pouring concrete.
In-Ground Sleeve Installation Instructions 3Fill in the hole with concrete around the PVC sleeve, making sure that it stays vertical, up to the top of the ground level. Make sure not to pour any concrete into the sleeve. While the concrete is still wet, adjust the sleeve to ensure it is vertical. Drying time varies with weather and cement type. Allow one day for quick setting cement and a full week for standard cement.
concrete Concrete
gravel Gravel
4Once the PVC sleeve is firmly secured in the concrete, bring the pole's butt to the sleeve's opening, lift it up and slide into the sleeve. Adjust pole's positioning using the shims provided. When pole is in final position, pour sand in space between the pole and the sleeve. Finally, seal the space between the pole and the sleeve with silicon caulk to keep the sand from getting wet.



In-Ground Sleeve Installation Instructions: Drawing A

H = Height     D = Diameter 

Size of PVC sleeve provided

20-foot pole: ID = 6"ID / Length = 24"
25-foot pole: ID = 6"ID / Length = 30"
30-foot pole: ID = 6"ID / Length = 36"
35-foot pole: ID = 6"ID / Length = 42"
40-foot pole: ID = 6"ID / Length = 48"

Recommended hole size

20-foot pole: H: 30" / D: 30"
25-foot pole: H: 36" / D: 30"
30-foot pole: H: 42" / D: 30"
35-foot pole: H: 48" / D: 35"
40-foot pole: H: 54" / D: 35"

6" of gravel must be added to the bottom of the hole to facilitate drainage. Actual depth of concrete is equal to Height H minus 6".







Snap Illustration
Slip a loop through the eye of the snap. Slip a loop through the eye of the snap
Put the loop over the snap. Put the loop over the snap
Draw tight. Draw tight.


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