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About Aluminum Flagpole

Aluminum flagpoles are one of the most popular poles made today because of its strength and durability. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust or deteriorate over time. We have both residential and commercial aluminum flagpoles available. Residential poles are generally 15 to 35 feet tall and commercial poles 35 to 80 feet tall. Homeowners may purchase commercial flagpoles if they desire.


Our flagpoles are made of alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing that is fabricated in the United States. The heat treated shafts have a tensile strength of approximately 30,000 pounds per square inch (psi). Tensile is the maximum stress that a pole can withstand.

The finish is a standard directional sanded satin ground that gives the flagpole a refined, smooth appearance. Other options are available upon request for an additional charge.


Aluminum flagpoles can withstand the elements without corroding , rusting, pitting or discoloring. The poles are strong enough to withstand high wind without bending or breaking. Note that each flagpole is rated for its maximum wind speed for safety purposes.

Flagpoles made of 6063-T6 aluminum are virtually maintenance free. If dirt or grass debris gets on the pole, simply spray it off with a hose. If spraying does not take all of the debris off, you can use a rag to wipe the shaft with a mild detergent and water. Be sure to rinse the shaft after using any kind of detergent.


We have a variety of flagpoles that are available in both tapered and straight shaft styles. The tapered poles are wider at the base than at the top, and straight shafts are the same diameter from top to bottom. Flagpole options include telescoping, sectional and one piece. Our telescoping aluminum poles are tapered and each section fits inside the other. This style makes it easier to attach your hardware before you raise the pole to its full height.

Each of the above referenced styles may be purchased with an internal or an external halyard. The halyard is the rope that is used to raise and lower the flag. Internal halyard poles have the rigging on the inside of the pole, while external has the rigging on the outside of the pole. Internal systems tend to lessen the clanging noise of metal against metal when the wind blows and makes it difficult for thieves to steal or vandalize your flagpole system.

What is Included

The hardware and accessories that you need to install your flagpole are included with each package. The items will depend on the particular pole that you purchase. In general, you will receive the flagpole, truck, halyard, cleat, snaps, ground sleeve, and a decorative ball or eagle that is attached to the top of the pole. Any material needed for the base of the pole, such as concrete, is not included.


Options include anodized or powder paint color for the flagpole in place of the standard satin finish. Available anodized colors include clear, light, medium or dark bronze, and black. Powder paint colors include white, dark bronze, black and dark green.

Shoe base foundations are available for those who prefer them over the ground set foundation sleeve. Tilting shoe base foundations are available for flagpoles that under 30 feet tall.

Note that there is an additional charge for optional items.

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