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Colossal Steel Flagpole

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About Custom Embroidered Flags

Leading the World in Colossal Flagpole Excellence

Flagpoles Etc is the recognized expert company in the design, hands-on manufacturing, integration, and installation of Colossal Flagpoles. Our unparalleled expertise in crafting, servicing, and climbing these majestic structures is renowned worldwide. When it comes to flagpoles of this caliber, look no further than Flagpoles Etc for unmatched skill and experience.

Why Choose Colossal Flagpoles?

Our Colossal Flagpoles stand apart in the industry, and here's why:

Our Colossal Flagpoles maintain consistent wall thickness to the top, ensuring unmatched strength. We do not manufacture a diminishing wall thickness.

Our expertise isn’t just local; we’ve shared our knowledge and craftsmanship across borders, spreading our values and quality worldwide.

The Engineering Marvel of Colossal Flagpoles

Robust and Reliable Design

Our Colossal flagpoles meet and exceed the ANSI/NAAMM FP-1001-97 specifications, ensuring they withstand wind and dead loads with unmatched safety and durability. The dead load includes the weight of the flagpole itself, along with its fittings, accessories, and the flag.

Constructed with A-36 carbon steel, known for its 36,000 PSI yield point, these flagpoles share the same robust material used in bridges and buildings, ensuring unparalleled strength.

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Exquisite Finish and Durability

Each flagpole undergoes a thorough sandblasting process, followed by an application of high-performance, chemically cured epoxy primer. The final touch includes 3 coats of aliphatic urethane gloss enamel, ensuring maximum gloss retention and color vibrancy, making each flagpole a sight to behold.

Included with Our Colossal Flagpoles

Quality and durability ensured.

A 16-month warranty on the flagpole shaft.

Sizes and Customization

Available up to 600 feet, our Colossal flagpoles cater to various requirements, with buttress and top diameters varying according to height and engineering needs. Unlike others, Flagpoles Etc maintains a consistent wall thickness throughout the entire flagpole, ensuring strength isn’t compromised as the pole tapers.

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Why Trust Flagpoles Etc?

We're not just sellers; we're creators and caretakers of your Colossal Flagpole. You’ll never be passed around; we’re your single point of contact.

Join the Colossal Famil

Choose Flagpoles Etc for your Colossal Flagpole and experience the difference firsthand. Our team is ready to assist you in making a statement that resonates with strength, beauty, and integrity.

Contact us at 888-735-5591. Let's make your colossal vision a soaring reality!